About US


Our Company

Iconic Mobile Photos is a veteran-owned company that started in San Antonio, TX serving the city and its surrounding areas. At the end of December 2018, we moved to the Savannah, GA area and we are now serving the Coastal Georgia/South Carolina  Florida area.

It is a husband and wife team that specializes in all sorts of different types of photography and videography.

We are a full-service photography company that places an importance on delivering finished & perfected work to our clients in both print and digital form. We differentiate ourselves by delivering impeccable service as well as consistent and quality work. We are serious about the work that we produce but we have a lot of fun while doing it. Our work is our passion and we strive to make your experience memorable and exciting.

During your session or event don’t be surprised if we take random candid photos. We promise it will happen. Candid photos are the best way to show the body’s way of expressing itself whether it’s a smile, laughter, or something else.


Hiring a Professional Photographer

Think about why you have decided to hire a photographer these days. Just about everyone has a cell phone with a decent camera on it. According to Professional Photographer, Amanda Rodriquez here’s 5 reason that makes perfect sense.

It’s NOT just the camera.

I can’t tell you how many times friends come up and say, “I have the same camera. How come my photos don’t come out like yours?” Welllllll, because I make my living this way! It’s kind of like saying, “My son has the same bat as Manny Machado. How come he can’t hit home runs?!”

You can be IN the photo.

A good photographer is able to capture you and your family BEING a family. They can find the right moment and click the shutter in just the right way to capture the essence of who you are together. Try getting grandma to do that. Fuhggetaboutit.

Your kids will show their best selves.

This is not a guarantee. Unfortunately, I have had children do everything from breaking my camera (yes, really) to throwing sand in my face during photo sessions. It’s part of my job, but it’s not the norm.

Your husband might cooperate.

Just like the kids, I can’t promise, but grown-up husbands are much more likely to perform for me than they are for you. And for longer, too! They at least appreciate the investment and want to get their money’s worth from the whole thing. All you have to do is get him to show up and make sure he is wearing something appropriate, the rest your photographer will handle.

Your photos will be more than just snapshots.

These aren’t your everyday snapshots taken with your phone. As much as I love some of the on-the-fly iPhone pics I’ve snagged of my children, my most cherished images are ones that I took of them with my real camera where I thought about things like lighting and location and such. They are the ones I am happy to blow up and place on my living room wall like the art that they are.