Photo Editing

About Photo Editing

First of all, alot of people like having their photos touched up and that’s fine, but there is no guarantee that what your asking for can be done. AND if it can be done remember it may not always look right or the way you expected. Editing takes time, but some things are quick and easy to do.

What a touchup? We touch up the color of the photos to make it pop a bit more (it’s our creative style). We ensure all photos are straight. If it has a horizon we will straighten the picture according to the horizon as much as possible. Sometimes objects in pictures should be straight up and down, so we correct that as well. Some blemishes are very easy to fix also. These are just some examples. Basic touchups are at the discretion of the photographer.

Iconic Mobile Photos does include touchups and some more advanced editing (at the photographers descretion) for any sessions booked with us. We typically perform the following touchups, and some other edits: Removing objects such as people from the background. Removing loose strands of hair. Adjusting a person’s smile. Removing acne, scares, smoothing freckles, and other blemishes. We can give skin a smooth appearance. Some, but not all, stains on clothes. There are so many possibilities. If you have a question about having an image edited, just ask.